In an industry that helps millions of people
stay connected, the customer experience
is now the deciding factor between
loyalty and loss


Fierce Competition among telecommunications providers, alongside an increasing pressure for regulatory compliance, has created an environment where the quality of customer experience is a top priority factor to differentiate products and services within the market, in order to attract, retain and grow a company’s customer base.

We at Cosmote e-Value provide extensive expertise, gathered throughout our 20 year history . Using omnichannel services (mobile, voice, Web/chat, e-mail, text, social video, fax etc.) we provide a seamless customer experience that also improves operational efficiencies.

We ensure consistency of all the processes throughout the customer journey, and we improve/simplify/automate/digitize those processes using technology to grow your business and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We successfully deliver results, optimize costs, improve Net Promoter® and Customer Satisfaction Scores (NPS®/CSAT) and design campaigns to empower growth.
The combination of strategy, technology, analytics and human interaction is what develops great customer experiences.

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