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Financial Services

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Financial Services

Due to the unstable worldwide economic and financial situation, financial industries need healthy portfolio and improved sustainability. At the same time, a more efficient and effective way of accessing financial products while ensuring safety in the transfer of information is obligatory. It is extremely important to offer integrated solutions to help Financial Institutions acquire, grow, retain and serve their customers. Cosmote e-value is helping financial services organizations to meet the needs of their customers, while delivering superior customer experience in the most data-secure environment in the industry.

Other challenges stem also from difficulties in delivering effective marketing and portfolio management due to the complexity and always changing regulatory compliance mandates; we provide proven solutions that preserve customer confidence.

Knowing the regulations in force, we understand the extreme importance of financial information security, we are lawful and we make data security our top priority.

Services offered include those to help you acquire, retain and grow your customer base, including lead generation, application processing, balance transfer programs, credit verification and accounts receivables management, customer retention and loyalty programs and much more.

Cosmote e-Value utilizes expertise and experience to build and deploy a multichannel, seamless customer experience, maximize operational efficiencies and improve customer lifetime value.

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