January 31, 2006

Amvrosios Kardaris is the new General Director of the company e-Value, a subsidiary company of GERMANOS Group of companies

The general management of the company e-value of  GERMANOS group has been taken over by Amvrosios Kardaris. Amvrosios Kardaris is 41 years old and is specialized in economics with a Bachelor degree from the American College, Deree. He has an extensive experience in telecommunications, having worked at the companies Panavox and Cosmote. He has been working for GERMANOS group since the beginning of 2000, when he held the position of Operations Manager in the Directorate of telecommunications Products and Services. From the position of the General Manager of the company e-Value, a subsidiary of GERMANOS Group, is expected to significantly contribute to the growth and the realization of the strategic goals of the company and to play his part to the further growth in the field of Call Canter and Customer Relationship Management. e-Value is the Call Center and Customer Relationship Management Company of GERMANOS Group.

Since 1999, e-value provides integrated services to inbound-outbound calls, data aggregation and back office. With its owned facilities in Xanthi and in Agios Stefanos of Attica, a high-level technological infrastructure and 400 working positions, e-Value offers to its customer’s continuous services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, meeting any kind of corporate need. Overall, the operation of the company confirms firmly and convincingly its motto: “Ordinary business, Extraordinary results”.