Care & Support

Care & Support

Optimize the Customer Journey in the digital era.

The world is changing faster than ever. Imagine a world where consumers have the ability to share their information with the brands they trust. They can reach out to those brands easily, through a unified platform that allows them to start a conversation via email, continue it with a web chat and finish it over a video call, whereas they can also transfer documents, share their screen and perform KYC (Know your customer) processes, resulting in   communication that is consistent, quick and pleasant at every touchpoint. Social media, mobile apps and bots are also part of their interactions. Artificial intelligence is smart enough to provide answers to their questions instantaneously, but also recognizes its limits and when needed, passes them over seamlessly to a team of experts, who are willing and able to give them the support they need with the empathy of the human touch. This world is here, now. In a digital world every interaction is a customer experience, builds relationships and optimizes the customer journey. At Cosmote e-Value we help businesses succeed in this digital area by building strong relationships at each point of their customers’ journey. We create Customer Care Solutions, by combining leading -edge technology, with operational excellence, processes, innovations, customer analytics, and teams of highly engaged and passionate experts. We build and structure the services that correspond exactly to our customers’ needs and the needs of their customers, focusing on every aspect of their business, making their vision, our goal.

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