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Care & Support

Care & Support

Optimize the Customer Journey in the digital era.

The world is changing faster than ever. Imagine a world where consumers have the ability to share their information with the brands they trust. They can reach out to those brands easily, through a unified platform that allows them to start a conversation via email, continue it with a web chat and finish it over a video call, whereas they can also transfer documents, share their screen and perform KYC (Know your customer) processes, resulting in   communication that is consistent, quick and pleasant at every touchpoint. Social media, mobile apps and bots are also part of their interactions. Artificial intelligence is smart enough to provide answers to their questions instantaneously, but also recognizes its limits and when needed, passes them over seamlessly to a team of experts, who are willing and able to give them the support they need with the empathy of the human touch. This world is here, now. In a digital world every interaction is a customer experience, builds relationships and optimizes the customer journey. At Cosmote e-Value we help businesses succeed in this digital area by building strong relationships at each point of their customers’ journey. We create Customer Care Solutions, by combining leading -edge technology, with operational excellence, processes, innovations, customer analytics, and teams of highly engaged and passionate experts. We build and structure the services that correspond exactly to our customers’ needs and the needs of their customers, focusing on every aspect of their business, making their vision, our goal.


Customer Care

We all need to feel taking care of. Provide exceptional customer care experiences, every time, across every channel, at each point of your customers’ lifecycle. We work with our clients towards this goal by adding value, incorporating our know-how, technology, and customer care experts’ teams.

Technical Support

Integrated phone, email, chat, video call and co-browsing capabilities, helps you provide for your customers, the support they need, through their preferred method of communication. Our team of technical support experts, remotely diagnose, analyze and address, installation, operation and service issues for a number of products and applications, with 24/7 availability, and multilingual communication skills, guarantee resolution from the first contact with each customer- (FCR/ first call resolution). Our proven methodology, supported by our sophisticated and user friendly Knowledge base “AΘina”, helps our teams of experts concentrate in providing the best customer experience your customers deserve.

Back Office Management

Achieve outstanding results in managing administration and support services, efficiently and cost effectively. Αt Cosmote e-Value, we recognize that a time consuming and complex back office process can cause a negative impact on your brand’s image. Our back office solutions, from claims management, to sales completion, order processing, postal care and mail return, are helping companies from a diverse range of industries, complete their customer experience strategy by unifying front and back office processes. We bring Value to your business, through automated procedures and value added services such as data base intelligence, surveys, monitoring and integration of communication channels, aiming in customer satisfaction.

Feedback & Complaint Management

Acknowledge and resolve complaints quickly and efficiently, helping companies maintain customer loyalty. In addition, analyzing and evaluating customers’ feedback is proven to be a useful insight, on how companies, can improve their processes and increase customer satisfaction. Cosmote e-Value’s feedback and complaint management services, help companies ensure professional solutions to their customers’ claims, through every channel and language, aiming on gradually minimizing their number and reoccurrence. Our Analytics support the prevention of such claims, through understanding and analyzing of the root cause.

Crisis Lines

Respond fast and efficiently in crisis issue through a wide range of services and multi-channel support. In any sort of corporate crisis, preparation is everything. Preparing for the unlikely event that something “bad” will occur is the key for a quick recovery. Our recorded results in planning and dealing with crisis situations, help companies overcome the “problem” the moment it arises, in a cost effective way that also promotes customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Care on demand

Quickly meet customer expectations and address new services and markets by increasing rapidly and flexibly your capacity, quality and performance without any additional capital expense or management overhead. Our solution support companies, by providing advance technological infrastructure, scalable capacity, operational excellence, teams of experts and constantly improved customer experiences.

Social Media Support team

Interact with your customers in this new digital and social media landscape in a way that builds customer engagement and loyalty. We help our clients develop and implement their social media strategy by applying our Customer Experience know how at every interaction. With E-Social Media Value Platform we integrate our clients’ social media with other customer support channels, creating an Omnichannel environment where we can provide personalized, quick and pertinent responses to your customers and valuable insights for your business.

VIP Services

Provide a premium level of service, for specific needs, or segments of your client base, as well as for brand differentiation. Our VIP services incorporate leading edge technology, ensuring the highest of service levels, combing with selected team of experts, processes and analytics.

Face 2 Face solutions

Although we are living in a digital world, for some industries, face to face interaction is an important contributor to their everyday business. Our face to face solutions, provide direct customer experience excellence, for information, payments, processing and back office tasks.

Accounts Receivables Management (collection)

Effective management of late payments gives your company more space for liquidity and development. Our personalized care strategy for collections helps companies take care of delinquencies while maintain high levels of customer loyalty. We have a vast experience in dealing with late payments in different stages of debt, for a variety of industries (Banks, Insurance, Telecoms, Utilities, Healthcare, Government), products and customer profiles. Our highly qualified account receivable experts, supported by a state of art and highly flexible collection system, optimize your receivable management by ensuring that each customer has a personalized solution based on his needs and your strategies. We also place a great importance in data protection and security as well the implementation of national laws and regulations for debt collection practices.

Bank settlements

Our primary goal is to maximize the rate of collections regardless of their delay phase. However, customers’ payment capabilities have declined. Account receivable process has to include alternative proposals. Cosmote e-value’s Account Receivable strategy analyze customer data and behavior, identify the cause of non-payment and implement a contingency payment plan, consistent with your business strategies. This in turn creates a healthier portfolio and stronger customer relationships.

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