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Engagement & Excellence

Εngagement & Excellence

Maximizing Business Value.

Let us assist you in maximizing the business value for your investment and exceeding your business goals. A team of highly skilled and committed advisors will guide you through any hardship, helping you lead to excellence

A full 360 support operation will provide for all the aspects of your business, including multilingual approach needs, supported by an omnichannel engagement, taking advantage of our vast experience with multinational corporations in a diversity of industries.

All customer interaction data (acquired via opt-in methods) can be used as a tool, in order to reshape simple data into pure knowledge, and further enhance the customer comprehension process with a view to transform them into financial results and value in general.

Chat bots that can immediately respond to any social media users’ need or request, is a new feature that could prove extremely useful in gaining a competitive advantage in the social media world, increasing your reach amongst the more tech savvy target group.


Omnichannel engagement

Provide a seamless, differentiated customer experience across all channels (mobile, voice, email, web chat, text, social, video, fax, etc.) at all times, while preserving your investment in your legacy systems. We have access on where your customers are, have been and are possibly going to be, through our fully integrated omnichannel contact center interaction with an all-inclusive view of each customer’s interaction history.

Multi Language Hub

Grow your customer service capabilities across languages and locations through our standardized, optimized approach and gain consistent customer experiences, greater customer satisfaction, and improved quality and efficiency— over 16 languages supported wherever your business wants to grow.

Knowledge Base

Turn raw information into real knowledge to deepen your relationships with your customer base and create a circle of knowledge around the customer life cycle. It takes a comprehensive, holistic approach to get to that level of insight, and we’ve spent many years perfecting it.


Intelligent Routing

Match each customer need with the best resource, optimizing every interaction.
In today’s digital world, where mobility is a reality, customers want to communicate seamlessly through different channels, from anywhere, anytime.
Cosmote e-Value’s solutions can help you in this highly demanding era, by deploying technology and expertise, which builds relationships and optimizes the customer journey.  Proactive and reactive chats, video call, click to call, co browsing, are some of the services we integrate with your customer care strategy.

Intelligent Live Chat

Create a more personal experience with Intelligent Live Chat and take customer interaction on digital and social media to a whole new level, delivering customer-convenient sales and service support.

Social Relationship Management

Social media is now used as an engagement channel for sales, marketing and customer service. Engage your customers by direct respond to their needs and comments made on social media related to your company or any of its products or services

Video call & Web Real Time Communication

Every day, more and more people rely on texts, mobile messengers, and video-calling applications to communicate. Video calls helps companies build trust and improve customer experience by enabling human touch.
Cosmote e-Value’s services help companies apply their customer care strategy in situations like:  health care (especially elderly care), high-end customer support, sales (face to face interaction helps sales experts choose the right approach and product and Increase conversion rates), kyc (Know your Customer) processes (for Banks & Insurance companies).

Our solution includes:

  • Push URL or Link: Contact center experts can push links, that enable customers to activate a web page, or portion of this page
  • Push Document: Contact center experts can push or receive documents of various formats
  • Co-browsing: Contact center experts and customers can share their screens. It’s also possible for our experts to fill information on a form element on behalf of the customer.
  • Annotate: Contact center experts can draw on the remote screen to highlight specific sections of the screen.
  • Protect sensitive data: Field and data masking can be also applied.

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