Growth & Loyalty

Growth & Loyalty

From prospects, to customers, to loyal advocates.

Every interaction is a customer experience that could drive an opportunity for growth.

Cosmote e-Value’s solution includes all phases of the sales process, from identifying potential customers to after-sale actions, creating exceptional customer experiences.  New customer acquisition is based on knowing what offer to make and when, to every single prospect and it’s reinforced by strategic planning and intelligent mapping, in order to successfully predict not just who is ready to buy today, but also who will buy the most. Our holistic approach combines analytics, technology and sales professionals with passion, and orientation towards goal achievement.

Once you’ve established a relationship with your customers, the next step is to retain in, build it and keep it growing.  Customer loyalty has a powerful impact and can be an important source of competitive advantage.
Our solutions enhance customer loyalty and create deeper customer engagement, which in turns increase revenue, reduce customer acquisition costs and lead to greater profitability.

Our proven approach can help you increase conversion rates, provide superior customer satisfaction, increased customer retention, and ultimately, higher revenue.

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