Corporate Governance

OTE Group Code of Conduct

The key to our Company’s success lies in the adoption of a corporate culture with common values and rules of conduct within and outside it, which is characterized by integrity, ethics and personal responsibility. In this context, the OTE Group Code of Conduct has been adopted.  

Our Code of Conduct is the framework for guiding the behavior of all people in the OTE Group of companies. Specifically, the Code confirms our commitment to consistently comply with the laws and regulations governing the operation of the OTE Group of companies as well as with the requirements relating to ethical behavior, it is in conjunction with the five Guiding Principles and supports the success of our Group.

These Principles describe what should characterize our dealings and interactions with third parties and with others within OTE Group and are the following: 
– Customer delight and simplicity drive our action
– Respect and integrity guide our behavior
– Team together – Team apart
– An excellent place to perform and grow
– I am a member of OTE Group – Count on me

Being part of the OTE Group and sharing the corporate identity requires that each and every individual accepts personal responsibility. A single incident of misconduct can damage not only the Group’s success, but also the good reputation acquired through the commitment demonstrated by our people on a daily basis.

Our Code of Conduct is applicable to all people who work at OTE Group companies, worldwide: from Board members and Managing Directors to Executives and Employees. It also equally applies to Consultants and individuals whose work is the functional equivalent of that performed by Group Employees.

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