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Quality Policy

COSMOTE e-Value, E-VALUE International and E-Value Single Member Company Limited (the Company) management has chosen a well-defined Quality Policy as means of the company’s continuous development.


Through the implementation of the quality policy, the Company demonstrates its commitment to provide high quality contact center services for its partners in Greece, Romania and Europe aiming at providing cutting-edge, integrated, interactive and personal communication services through an integrated environment for comprehensive management of all channels of communication, thus striving at maximum customer satisfaction excellence.

Through the implementation of the quality policy
the Company demonstrates its commitment to the following:

  • Provision of services to meet the ever increas-ing needs and expectations of customers to theirfull satisfaction.
  • Operation of the Company based on the principle of respect for human dignity and privacy.
  • Continuous efforts to improve the quality of services in order to increase competitiveness and ensure the confidentiality of data.
  • Compliance with all legislative obligations and partner requirements.

Importance is given to preventive actions designed to build upon experience and daily observation in order to lead to the correct enhancement and improvement of customer service. Also, attention is paid to meeting current and anticipated training needs, training and qualification of the Company’s employees.

The Company’s objective is to constantly modernize the computer system software in accordance with its technological developments, customer requirements and internal organization / operation.

The Company’s position regarding quality management, as described above, sets objectives and reflects its commitment to fulfill requirements for quality management.

The tool through which the Company implements, monitors and adjusts the Quality Policy is the Quality Management System.

In order to implement the quality policy, the Company considers the active participation of employees in compliance, development, documentation of all procedures under the Quality System essential. All employees in the Company contribute to the effective implementation of the quality system and its continual improvement. The quality policy is communicated to all staff.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the internationally recognized standard for Quality Management setting out the requirements for a Quality Management System. Its implementation provides method and monitoring of operational activities in order to systematically ensure the Company’s ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer needs as well as applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, thus enhancing customer satisfaction.

ISO 27001

Protecting the company’s critical information is considered paramount and is managed through the implementation of the internationally recognized ISO 27001 standard, which specifies the requirements for Information Security Management.The aim is to ensure that the organization has defined and implements adequate and appropriate technical and organizational measures related to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information to adequately protect corporate and customer data.


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