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Multi Industry Experience

As an experienced provider of Customer Experience and Business Process Outsourcing solutions, Cosmote e-Value handles every
aspect of Customer Relationship Management for major players across a wide spectrum of industries. Our services yield record-setting
rates of customer satisfaction and millions of euro in annual savings and incremental revenues for some of the world’s most successful

From the landline to the mobile phone, from the television to the tablet, the telecommunications industry has grown and expanded immensely over the years. Competition has also intensified among telecom companies. With so many people using variety of devices to communicate, it’s become critical for companies to provide great experiences to match their omni-channel customers’ needs.
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Consumers are driving the new retail move to omnichannel approach. Whether in store, on smartphone or using chat, customers expect easy and seamless service experiences at all channels.
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Due to the shaky worldwide economic and financial situation, financial industries need a healthy portfolio and improved sustainability. At the same time consumers want more from their financial institutions. They expect professional, competent staff enabled with technology that delivers a personalized, secure and convenient experience. Financial institutions are feeling a great sense of urgency to deliver better and more digital experiences now.
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The change from traditional service to increasing digitalized environment is a challenge for any public sector or utilities organizations that need to support this new reality of integrated and specialized services.
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